Traditional face-to-face qualitative research among consumers and professionals (groups and depth interviews), some examples: internal research on HR communication and career possibilities, automotive, electric vehicles, fuel companies, energy supply, travel, logistics, fleet management, financial products among large investors, online payment products, online shopping habits, toothpaste positioning (consumers and dentist), medicine usage, donating blood and plasma, sustainability concepts for a food manufacturer, flexitarians, kitchen design and cooking habits, new product development, campers.
Expert interviews: technology operators on safety systems in chemical industry, lawyers and accountants on innovation, fiscal experts and CFO on cloud software solutions, internal and external experts of a bank on investment policies, politicians on policy issues, technicians / prosthetists on lower limb prosthetics, veterinarians on ETEC infection in post-weaning pigs, restaurants owners on reservations systems, chefs on new products, constructors on construction tools.
Immersions: professional painters, young mothers.
Online boards: home security, condoms, soup concepts, job application processes
Intercepts: beer drinkers, visitors of petrol stations, bicycle buyers.